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In this series, I highlight the restaurants I like to refer to my home buyers and sellers in the Pierce County area. This month I’m talking about the Top of Tacoma Bar.

Restaurant Recommendation Series: Top of Tacoma Bar

Let me first say that every time I go to this restaurant it’s packed. But they handle their traffic with great customer service!! The chitter chatter from all the tables makes for a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Now onto the food… The Top of Tacoma Bar offers more than a traditional bar. Their selection is broader than just burgers, fries, and wings. Some of my favorite dishes include the pork belly cuban sandwich, jalapeño artichoke dip, and the clam chowder. It’s one thing for a bar to offer a wide selection of plates, but to do it well is just impressive!

All in all, it’s a wonderful place to grab a bite with friends and family alike, while enjoying a game of pool or enjoying the sunset on the outside patio.

Here’s what locals have to say about the Top of Tacoma Bar:

“LOVE the vibe!!!! It’s our secret find! When looking for “the best Bloody Mary in Tacoma” Siri told us to go to The Top! Weekend breakfast is amazing… my fave is the breakfast flatbread. Lunch and Dinner have so many options I can’t even pick a fav since we try new things every time we go. It’s a cool, hip, gritty style bar with uptown chef inspired bar food. Always a great meal to “talk about” after you take photos in the nostalgic photo booth. Hey, there’s even Snickers Bars and Cheetos in the vending machine. Something for everyone. We just keep going!!!!!” –Tracy

“The Top of Tacoma Bar is the best ever. Don’t waste your time going to Applebee’s. Come to the Top. It’s a bar but the food looks and tastes like it came from the Ritz Carlton.” – Christopher

“The atmosphere is really inviting, and I honestly feel really comfortable and at home there. Their food is great, especially their chorizo quesadilla, which is literally all I ever order because of how delicious it is, and their beer selection is tasty, especially their IPAs. I love coming here, and I look forward to every Friday simply because I know I’ll be coming here to enjoy another lunch. This place is a must-go!” -Alex

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