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In this series, I highlight the restaurants and food services I like to refer to my home buyers and sellers in the Pacific Northwest area. This month I’m taking this recommendation to Astoria Oregon, home of Bowpicker Fish and Chips.

Restaurant Recommendation Series: Bowpicker Fish and Chips

If you find yourself wanting to take a weekend trip to somewhere in the PNW, consider visiting Astoria, Oregon. Astoria is a historic port city on the south shore of the Columbia River, where the river meets the Pacific Ocean. It’s also known for being the film location of much of the movie “The Goonies”. When you’re ready to try out a local eatery, check out Bowpicker Fish and Chips. It’s a Fish and Chips stand located on a boat in the heart of Astoria. The line is often long, but the wait is worth it! Some of the best albacore fish and chips I’ve ever had! I will definitely be taking another trip to Astoria.

Here’s what people are saying about Bowpicker Fish and Chips:

“It’s fantastic! I was so full didn’t eat dinner! We were there at 11am and already a line! Worth the 20 minutes in line! Batter isn’t like anything I’ve ever had! Different and Tuna is out of this world!” – Michelle

“So we decided to drive the hour and give them a try. We waited 40 minutes in line…. omg worth the wait. BEST fish and chips ever. The fries were great too. Prices were good and they do not salt your food. I love that thank you. They have a plethora of condiments and cold drinks. We are wanting more, we will be back for sure!!!! – Frank

“Bowpicker Fish and Chips offers outstanding fish and chips at a great price. Expect to wait in line for your order and it will be worth the wait. This cash only take-out is located in an actual land locked Bowpicker across from the Maritime Museum. The Generous portions of fish and chips can be eaten at picnic tables located on the property or taken to your favorite scenic spot in Astoria.” – Amica

“Great Albacore Fish & Chips, tarter sauce (amazing)! But the customer service was above & beyond fantastic!! The ladies working were personable, kind, informative & funny! We will definitely be going back!!” – Jody

Astoria. Oregon is 2 hours and 45 minutes from Tacoma, Washington.

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