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In this series, I highlight the businesses I like to refer to my friends, family, home buyers and sellers in the Pierce County area. This month I’m talking about Alyssa Bailey Photography in Puyallup, WA.

Community Recommendation Series: Alyssa Bailey Photography

Tis the season for family photos! While anyone can take a family selfie with their cell phone, it takes a talented photographer with professional experience and equipment to snap a natural and frame worthy family portrait. I’ve known Alyssa Bailey for many years and she just keeps getting better and better! I am constantly amazed at the beauty of her photography and have used her for my family photos in the past. She’s warm, personal, and helps bring out the fun and sweet side of the people she’s photographing. And on top of everything, she offers family, kids, maternity, newborn, and senior photos – talk about doing it all!

Here’s what people have to say about working with Alyssa Bailey Photography:

“Alyssa made this session so much fun! Thank your for capturing my crazy family!” – Jessica

“I am so in love with the photographs by Alyssa Bailey! She did an absolute amazing job at both taking them and making us feel comfortable and making it fun, and also editing them and making them even more beautiful. She is awesome and we are so thankful!” – Jackie

“Alyssa has a natural gift as a photographer. Her pictures are magazine perfect!” – Kim

“I cannot even see to type, crying my eyes out I love them SO much.” – Robin

As you can see, Alyssa’s customers love her and her work so much. Pictures capture a moment in time, and when done at a professional level, can be a person’s most treasured piece of art in their home. You can reach Alyssa Bailey Photography at her Facebook Business Page, or emailing her at

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