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In this series, I highlight the restaurants I like to refer to my home buyers and sellers in the Pierce County area. This month I’m talking all about Bar Bistro.

Restaurant Recommendation Series: Bar Bistro

Bar Bistro is cocktail bar/American cuisine restaurant located right off Portland Ave and 512 in Tacoma. Parking is easy to access, which is saying a lot about dining in Tacoma. The environment is small and cozy, with a very friendly and customer oriented staff. And the food… wow! Talk about having a dish for everyone. I would give this place 5 stars all around!

My favorite dish is the Cuban sandwich and the crab mac n cheese. I tend to fall in a pattern with what I order from Bar Bistro, but that’s because I crave these dishes! And the portions are generous, some times I even take half home for lunch the next day.

Here’s what locals have to say about Bar Bistro.

“It amazes me that this place isn’t more popular or maybe I just go at weird times because there’s never more than a couple people there when I go. With that being said, this place has amazing food and delicious creative drinks. Fairly priced so it won’t break the bank and definitely worth checking out. Neat atmosphere and an off the beaten path location.” – Meleah

“Overall, the vibe was right, mixed diverse customers all having a good time that made it feel “right”. I live further away but I’m already thinking of that Cuban sandwich so you know your boy will be back. :)” – Mike

“I have been here about 4 times now and finally felt obligated to drop a line about this amazing little gem. This is the kind of place where you will have a hard time deciding what to order for one. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable the entire time and we really appreciated who appeared to be one of the assistant managers frequently coming around and refilling drinks for us etc! Keep up the good work and I will be back soon don’t let the look of this place discourage you if you are a foodie you need to give this place a try!” – Benjamin

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