In this series, I highlight the businesses I like to refer to my friends, family, home buyers and sellers in the Pierce County area. This month I’m talking about Crockett’s Public House.

Community Recommendation: Crockett’s Public House

Crockett’s Public House is one of Puyallup’s most famous restaurants for a reason! It’s family friendly, has a wonderful backstory honoring an early Puyallup resident (Hugh Crockett), and has some of the best food in town. Some of my favorites include the calamari, fire grilled flat bread, lobster mac-n-cheese and marcona almond pesto with shrimp.

Crockett’s Public House has a long list of accolades. It’s been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, won best of showcase magazine award 2016, 2017, and 2018, has numerous features in the South Sound Magazine, Tacoma News Tribune (TNT Diner) and the Puyallup herald, and has been mentioned as a place to visit on King 5 News Evening.

Crockett’s offers a popular happy hour 3-6pm & 9pm-close Monday-Thursday, 10pm-close Friday-Saturday, and all day Sunday. Their special is $3 off all appetizers, and $1 off all beer wine and specialty cocktails.

Here’s what people have to say about Crockett’s Public House:

“For fear of making this place more popular, this is insane food and atmosphere! and the pricing is more than fair for the portions and the uniquely great food.” -Chris

“I love this place! best thing I’ve order is the veggie burger, even though I’m not a vegetarian this burger is amazing!! seriously… the patty is fried goodness with gooey cheese inside and the pesto sauce is amazing.” -Kira

“Our waitress, Courtney, was very welcoming, patient and kind. the food was really good! my husband had the meatballs and they were huge.” -Cathy

“Love their happy hour! My favorite is the sliders. I will have to come back to try the chicken and waffles because I heard they’re pretty good. Service was great! Thank you.” -Tiffany

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In this series, I highlight the businesses I like to refer to my friends, family, home buyers and sellers in the Pierce County area. This month I’m talking about PNW Grill in Puyallup.

Community Recommendation: PNW Grill

PNW Grill is a fun family-friendly restaurant that was established in 2019. Inside you’ll find casual tables, a large bar, darts, pool tables, and ping pong. PNW Grill serves scratch made food with some fun plays on American classics. I love a good steak and their rib eye is to die for! I loved this place so much that we are hosting our November VAREP Restaurant Takeover here.

Here’s what their customers have to say:

“Their wings are TO DIE FOR! Seriously, the Asian sesame are the way to go. Also, their mojitos are flavored with fresh fruit purées that are made in house daily. The peach and mango are amazing. I haven’t tried a pizza yet, but the table next to us got one and it’s definitely a must have next time. Great job to the new owners for really taking the place to its true potential.”

“My service was top notch and my waitress was very attentive.  My nephew had the rib-eye and it was mouthwatering as far as presentation. People: You want top quality beef you are going to pay for it, and I’m telling you it’s worth it to dine here.  I ordered the Rainer and some point during the meal I looked up to see my nephew staring at me.  I looked down to the pile of crust beneath me and muttered “What?” through a mouth full of meat and cheese.  I apparently was stuffing the slices in my face as though the apocalypse was upon us.  Great place, great service, great pizza.  If I ever get the chance to come back, I’m getting the steak.”

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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In this series, I highlight the restaurants and food services I like to refer to my home buyers and sellers in the Pacific Northwest area. This month I’m taking this recommendation to Astoria Oregon, home of Bowpicker Fish and Chips.

Restaurant Recommendation Series: Bowpicker Fish and Chips

If you find yourself wanting to take a weekend trip to somewhere in the PNW, consider visiting Astoria, Oregon. Astoria is a historic port city on the south shore of the Columbia River, where the river meets the Pacific Ocean. It’s also known for being the film location of much of the movie “The Goonies”. When you’re ready to try out a local eatery, check out Bowpicker Fish and Chips. It’s a Fish and Chips stand located on a boat in the heart of Astoria. The line is often long, but the wait is worth it! Some of the best albacore fish and chips I’ve ever had! I will definitely be taking another trip to Astoria.

Here’s what people are saying about Bowpicker Fish and Chips:

“It’s fantastic! I was so full didn’t eat dinner! We were there at 11am and already a line! Worth the 20 minutes in line! Batter isn’t like anything I’ve ever had! Different and Tuna is out of this world!” – Michelle

“So we decided to drive the hour and give them a try. We waited 40 minutes in line…. omg worth the wait. BEST fish and chips ever. The fries were great too. Prices were good and they do not salt your food. I love that thank you. They have a plethora of condiments and cold drinks. We are wanting more, we will be back for sure!!!! – Frank

“Bowpicker Fish and Chips offers outstanding fish and chips at a great price. Expect to wait in line for your order and it will be worth the wait. This cash only take-out is located in an actual land locked Bowpicker across from the Maritime Museum. The Generous portions of fish and chips can be eaten at picnic tables located on the property or taken to your favorite scenic spot in Astoria.” – Amica

“Great Albacore Fish & Chips, tarter sauce (amazing)! But the customer service was above & beyond fantastic!! The ladies working were personable, kind, informative & funny! We will definitely be going back!!” – Jody

Astoria. Oregon is 2 hours and 45 minutes from Tacoma, Washington.

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In this series, I highlight the restaurants and food services I like to refer to my home buyers and sellers in the Pierce County area. This month I’m talking about HG Bistro.

Restaurant Recommendation Series: HG Bistro

HG Bistro is one of my favorite restaurants in the Puyallup area. Located right on Main street, you’ve likely seen this joint busy on evenings and weekends. In addition to their delicious food and superb customer service, I appreciate that they change up their menu often. Chef Arnel and his team create a featured fresh sheet every two weeks and offer by reservation only intimate wine dinners prepared by Executive Chef Arnel Gaitan. For the past 12 years HG Bistro has been known for their Happy Hour and have been voted in the top 5 of King 5’s “Best Happy Hour” for Western Washington since 2009. Recently they were honored with the #1 spot in 2015.

HG Bistro also puts a strong focus on service fresh and local dishes. They prepare their dishes from scratch by using quality fresh ingredients. They strive to use local farmers as they come available. From their kitchen to the table they are passionate about giving an exceptional culinary experience with warm and professional service for a friendly dining experience.

Here’s what others have to say about HG Bistro:

“Atmosphere was intimate enough to hold a conversation. We got a table last minute on a Friday night and the staff was very inviting and warm. The food was also very good!” – Morgan F.

“A very nice small out of the way bistro between Sumner and Puyallup. The staff is very friendly and attentive. The menu wasn’t very busy. The atmosphere was between casual and fine dining. The food was delicious. They plate the food nice and fancy, felt more fine dining. They have 2 “sides” to the restaurant, one had the decor of casual the other more upscale. I would absolutely go there again.” – Calvin W.

“My Birthday dinner pick! I was so happy with everything. Dinner amazing and the birthday dessert was incredible. Service was outstanding, very attentive staff. I tried the Pom Pom from the drink menu and loved it!” – Kristal H.

For more information on HG Bistro, visit

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In this series, I highlight the restaurants and food services I like to refer to my home buyers and sellers in the Pierce County area. This month I’m talking about Tibbitts at Fern Hill.

Restaurant Recommendation Series: Tibbitts at Fern Hill

Everyone needs to try Tibbitts at Fern Hill! Located in South Tacoma, Chef Shawn Tibbitts partners with local farmers to bring fresh ingredients directly from farm to table. Open for breakfast and lunch, Tibbitts at Fern Hill has quite the variety. From the Lobster Bomb and Southwest Frittata on his breakfast menu, to Adam’s Mushroom Bourguignon and Savor Tacoma Creperie for lunch, you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your taste buds.

Here’s what other’s have to say about their experience at Tibbitts at Fern Hill:

“He realized that we were new in the restaurant and came out and introduced himself and even asked our names. Who does that anymore? We will definitely be going back. The passion and love is in the restaurant and apparent in the food.”

“The food was so delicious. I really just want to come back for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each time they changed menus! The service was great and the chef/owner was so personable and we loved how he came out to introduce himself!! This will always be a place that we will stop by each time we visit from Alaska!! Thank you!!”

“It’s an honor to review Tibbitts @ Fern Hill. We heard about it opening on the Where to Dine in Pierce County Facebook page and decided to go there today at noon, and we ended up having the best lunch we’ve had in a long time!”

Tibbitts at Fern Hill has been recognized for various awards from #1 Farm to Table Restaurant in Tacoma to Top 5 New Restaurants of 2017 by the News Tribune to Best Chef 2018 and Best New Restaurant 2018.

For more information on Tibbitts at Fern Hill, visit their Facebook Page at Remember, tables fill up quickly so it’s best to make a reservation!

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In this series, I highlight the restaurants and food services I like to refer to my home buyers and sellers in the Pierce County area. This month I’m talking about Devine Bites.

Restaurant Recommendation Series: Devine Bites

Devine Bites is a locally owned and operated bake shop that personally deliveries to the home, office or event venue. They can create any baked goods for any occasion! They specialize in wedding cakes, cookies for baby showers/business event, cupcakes for birthday parties, and macaroons.

I’ve used Devine Bites personally for my daughter’s baby shower, as well as for my Thanksgiving pies.

Here’s what others have to say about this amazing baked goods service.

“Amazing service & products! Very professional, sweet, attentive, enthusiastic, delicious, and beautiful!! We have vowed to become repeat customers!”

“I took some custom DB cookies shaped like teeth and toothbrushes to my friend’s clinic and they were a hit!! So cute and very well done.”

“I called up Devine Bites to cater my daughter’s Sweet Sixteen birthday party. Every cupcake was professionally decorated, complete with the baby blue to match the Tiffany’s themed birthday party. I’ll definitely be going back for my future baked goods!”

Devine Bites offers over 24 flavors of cakes, fruit tarts, cake pops, chocolate covered cherries and strawberries, cupcakes, macaroons, and cookies.

To contact Devine Bites, call (253) 224-5117 or visit their Facebook page at:

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In this series, I highlight the restaurants I like to refer to my home buyers and sellers in the Pierce County area. This month I’m talking about the Top of Tacoma Bar.

Restaurant Recommendation Series: Top of Tacoma Bar

Let me first say that every time I go to this restaurant it’s packed. But they handle their traffic with great customer service!! The chitter chatter from all the tables makes for a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Now onto the food… The Top of Tacoma Bar offers more than a traditional bar. Their selection is broader than just burgers, fries, and wings. Some of my favorite dishes include the pork belly cuban sandwich, jalapeño artichoke dip, and the clam chowder. It’s one thing for a bar to offer a wide selection of plates, but to do it well is just impressive!

All in all, it’s a wonderful place to grab a bite with friends and family alike, while enjoying a game of pool or enjoying the sunset on the outside patio.

Here’s what locals have to say about the Top of Tacoma Bar:

“LOVE the vibe!!!! It’s our secret find! When looking for “the best Bloody Mary in Tacoma” Siri told us to go to The Top! Weekend breakfast is amazing… my fave is the breakfast flatbread. Lunch and Dinner have so many options I can’t even pick a fav since we try new things every time we go. It’s a cool, hip, gritty style bar with uptown chef inspired bar food. Always a great meal to “talk about” after you take photos in the nostalgic photo booth. Hey, there’s even Snickers Bars and Cheetos in the vending machine. Something for everyone. We just keep going!!!!!” –Tracy

“The Top of Tacoma Bar is the best ever. Don’t waste your time going to Applebee’s. Come to the Top. It’s a bar but the food looks and tastes like it came from the Ritz Carlton.” – Christopher

“The atmosphere is really inviting, and I honestly feel really comfortable and at home there. Their food is great, especially their chorizo quesadilla, which is literally all I ever order because of how delicious it is, and their beer selection is tasty, especially their IPAs. I love coming here, and I look forward to every Friday simply because I know I’ll be coming here to enjoy another lunch. This place is a must-go!” -Alex

For more information visit:

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In this series, I highlight the restaurants I like to refer to my home buyers and sellers in the Pierce County area. This month I’m talking all about Bar Bistro.

Restaurant Recommendation Series: Bar Bistro

Bar Bistro is cocktail bar/American cuisine restaurant located right off Portland Ave and 512 in Tacoma. Parking is easy to access, which is saying a lot about dining in Tacoma. The environment is small and cozy, with a very friendly and customer oriented staff. And the food… wow! Talk about having a dish for everyone. I would give this place 5 stars all around!

My favorite dish is the Cuban sandwich and the crab mac n cheese. I tend to fall in a pattern with what I order from Bar Bistro, but that’s because I crave these dishes! And the portions are generous, some times I even take half home for lunch the next day.

Here’s what locals have to say about Bar Bistro.

“It amazes me that this place isn’t more popular or maybe I just go at weird times because there’s never more than a couple people there when I go. With that being said, this place has amazing food and delicious creative drinks. Fairly priced so it won’t break the bank and definitely worth checking out. Neat atmosphere and an off the beaten path location.” – Meleah

“Overall, the vibe was right, mixed diverse customers all having a good time that made it feel “right”. I live further away but I’m already thinking of that Cuban sandwich so you know your boy will be back. :)” – Mike

“I have been here about 4 times now and finally felt obligated to drop a line about this amazing little gem. This is the kind of place where you will have a hard time deciding what to order for one. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable the entire time and we really appreciated who appeared to be one of the assistant managers frequently coming around and refilling drinks for us etc! Keep up the good work and I will be back soon don’t let the look of this place discourage you if you are a foodie you need to give this place a try!” – Benjamin

For more information visit: